27 September 2014

Decadent triple chocolate mousse

The end of the first phase was marked with a big bang. Here I was thinking that we would be making a chocolate cake. Turned out we made a very decadent triple chocolate mousse cake.

We started with making a biscuit like batter for the bottom of the cake:
- 2 eggs 
- 2 egg yolks
- 2 egg whites
- 100 gr sugar
-  55 gr flour

Just as with the biscuit batter we started with warming the 2 eggs and the 2 egg yolks with about 80 grams of sugar. When it reached about 40C we mixed it on high speed till the color changed to almost white. Then we slowly incorporated the flour.

In a different bowl we beat the egg whites with the rest of the sugar till they form soft peaks. We added the egg whites directly to the egg yolk batter and it was very hard to incorporate it. Next time we should mix a bit of egg yolk with the egg whites first to loosen it up a bit and then mix the rest in. Luckily it went well and we spread a thin layer of batter on the, with baking paper covered, baking tray. We baked it for about 6 minutes till golden.

After we took the biscuit out of the oven we sprinkled a thin layer of fine sugar on the bottom of another tray, flipped the biscuit and slowly pulled off the baking paper. If we would leave it on the baking tray the biscuit would continue to cook and dry out. Now we had a nice and flexible biscuit. We left it cooling off while we started with the chocolate mousse.

This chocolate mousse only has 2 ingredients: chocolate (of course) and whipping cream. I've made chocolate mousse at home before but somehow this chocolate mousse tasted much better. It must be the chocolate they used.

All we did was whipping up the cream, just till it thickens and then incorporate the chocolate. So we added the chocolate to the whipped cream and not the other way around. If we would add the whipped cream to the chocolate it would become hard and not mousse like at all. So always add the chocolate to the whipped cream!

We started with a layer of pure chocolate, then milk chocolate and last the white chocolate and if that wasn't decadent enough we topped it off with some chocolate ganache.
It was extremely difficult to make neat identical layers of mousse because we made one batch for 2 cakes and the mall we used wasn't see through so we had no idea how it would look like. I know it looked a bit messy, but the flavor was awesome and the whole family enjoyed it.
We even had enough mousse for a mini triple chocolate mousse cake. The mini cakes were too die for and enough for two, if one of the two doesn't like chocolate that is.
From the left over biscuit we formed a log which we filled with mocha whipped cream and topped with some shaved almonds. We had some ganache left so we spread a thin layer on the inside before putting whipped cream in. It almost look like a real log, a real tasty log.
At home I made triple chocolate mousse in a jar. As I only made enough for 3 mini jars I didn't bother making the biscuit bottom.

I used:                                                              For one chocolate mousse cake:
- 30 gr pure chocolate                                      - 150 gr pure chocolate
- 40 gr whipping cream                                     - 200 gr whipping cream

- 35 gr milk chocolate                                       - 175 gr milk chocolate
- 40 gr whipping cream                                     - 200 gr whipping cream

- 40 gr white chocolate                                     - 200 gr white chocolate
- 40 gr whipping cream                                     - 200 whipping cream

Of course this recipe can be double or tripled. 

After each layer I would put the jars in the freezer so they could get firm enough for the next layer. After the last layer I covered them with plastic foil and kept them in the freezer. They were the perfect 4 o'clock work break snack.

Next week: the chocolate saga continues, 5 weeks long...

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