04 October 2014

Apple cake and pie

Last week I wanted to surprise my girl friend at her store with a cake so after my normal morning errands I started with making some cream patisserie. This has to cool down so in the mean time I could make the biscuit cake batter.

I had a jar of apple almond jam she gave me so I thought that would go will with the caramel butter cream. For some extra freshness I shredded one small apple and mixed it with the jam. 

After the cake cooled I cut it in three layers. Unfortunately this time they didn't turn out as even as I hoped so maybe it was beginners luck earlier.

In the mean time the cream patisserie has cooled down and to that I added two table spoons of lemon curd. I whipped up some whipping cream and mixed that in.

I made the caramel butter cream using the same recipe I used for the blueberry butter cream cake but instead of blueberry juice I added 2 big table spoons of warm caramel in the end. The caramel butter cream really tasted like caramel and it was sweet. A bit too sweet for my taste so I hope the other ingredients can even it out a bit.

Now I have everything ready for the cake. On the first layer I spread the apple almond mixture and on the edges I piped the caramel butter cream. This time I made enough butter cream to cover the sides.

On top of the apple mixture I piped the cream patisserie mixture. I did the same for the second layer. Then I spread the butter cream on the sided and topped it with some toasted shredded almonds. I decorated the top and voila: apple lemon caramel cake.
Then I messaged my gf asking her if she would be at the store and she answered that she wasn't due to a wedding. Bummer. Entirely my fault for assuming she would be at the store. Luckily my mom requested a cake for Sunday dinner so this cake it is. 

Today my gf was at the store so I baked an apple pie using the 1-2-3 dough recipe. Instead of using lemon zest I used some orange zest and instead of cutting the apples in slices or cubes I use a greater. I added some drops of lemon, a hand full of raisins, a bit of cinnamon and a bit of sugar to the apples. On the bottom of the dough I spread a thin layer of apple almond jam.
Every one loved the apple pie, especially with some vanilla ice cream.

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