02 November 2014

Chocolate mask

I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to this class. I heard rumors from the other group who made masks last week that they could only work with white, milk and dark chocolate and not with colors or anything. To me this seems kind of boring. The fun is to be creative and use whatever is at hand to make something nice. 

The day started with not having white chocolate to work with so we had to make a mask with milk or dark chocolate. It was possible to paintbrush the chocolate mask white afterward so you can add color then, but I didn't want to do that. Instead I used some colored cocoa butter to paint the inside of the mask before pouring the chocolate in it. We were told to cover the eyes, noose and mouth of the mask before we could use them and we had to cover the inside and outside with sticky tape. It's very hard to cover the inside neatly so next time I would only cover the outside of the mask.  

To make a strong mask we had to layer it 3 times. First we had to brush some tempered chocolate in the mask, let that set and then pour the chocolate in. We were too fast so we didn't brush the inside but poured the chocolate right in. We made sure it covered the whole surface and then let it set. Then the next layer went in and the third.

After the mask was done we had to get it out of the mold. For me it was quite difficult so I had to cut the mask open to get the chocolate out. Then it was time for some extra decoration. It was hard to stick something to the mask and the color wouldn't pop as much on milk chocolate so my mask totally didn't came out as I wanted. I wanted to make something pretty, instead it came out freaky.
We could also use some molding chocolate to decorate the mask. I tried to work with it, but my hands were so warm, it totally melted when I touched it.   
I did use some of it to give my mask a noose job and this is the result. Pretty freaky. 

On the bright side: I used the chocolate of my mask to make my beehive for next lessons final assignment.
My hubby says it looks like a helmet, but wait till I'm done with it. 
These little things will be transformed to bees. So exited about next week. 

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