30 November 2014

Mini cakes for one

I was so exited about working with royal icing that I decided to bake a couple of mini cakes so I could decorate it. From class I took home a batch light blue royal icing so I thought it would look great on some dark blue marzipan. I also had some purple and pink icing left we used for roses.
As we were told that we would be covering and decoration a real cake next week I thought I'd get some practice first. I have never covered a cake before so I wanted to start small first. 

So I baked the cake on a sheet tray first and with a round and square cutter I cut out two pieces so I could fill and stack them together. To keep it simple I only used some cream patisserie and some strawberry jam to fill it. And I made a batch of butter cream to mask the cakes. 
I rolled out the marzipan between two layers of plastic foil and when it couldn't get any thinner I covered the cakes. After that I used some royal icing to make decorations. 
I used some of the purple and pink icing for roses that I made around a jelly bean on a toothpick. I think it is a lot easier to make roses if you already have a center you can wrap the petals around. 
I'm using the piping tips I have at home and they weren't as nice as what I use in class. But I am still very pleased with the results.
And this is just to show how small the cakes were.

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