10 May 2015

Apple dessert and apple strudel

I can't believe we are almost at the end of the course already. In this new phase we are going to make different kinds of desserts and sweets, starting with this very cute apple dessert and an apple strudel. This time instead of working in pairs we were working with a group of four. 

Two of us started to make the dough for the apple strudel and the other two the dough for the apple dessert. For the apple strudel dough we use this recipe:
- 1000 gr flour                                               - 250 gr four
- 50 gr sunflower oil                                      - 12,5 gr sunflower oil
- 50 gr sugar                                                 - 12,5 gr sugar
- 1 egg                                                          - 1/4 egg
- 100 ml vinegar                                            - 25 ml vinegar
- 550 ml water                                               - 137,5 ml water
- pinch of salt
oventemperature 200C

As this recipe is for 4 decent size strudels but if you only want to make one then use the second column. 

It was fairly easy to put the dough together. We basically put all the ingredients in a bowl and let the stand mixer (with the dough hook) do all the work. Then we put it in an oiled baking tray, covered it with some plastic and let it rest in the fridge for about an hour. 
For the apple dessert we use this recipe for making the dough:
- 180 gr butter
- 150 gr light brown sugar
- 22 gr egg
- 2 gr salt
- 275 gr flour
- 9 gr baking powder
- 1 gr carbon dioxide powder 
oventemperature 150C

Again we put all the ingredients in a bowl and used the dough hook to mix it all together. Once the dough was ready we rolled it out and used a cookie cutter to cut out small rounds to fit in the muffin mold. 
Then we mixed 250 gram of almond past and 250 grams of crème pâtissière and one egg to make it liquid enough to pipe little rounds on top of the dough. We baked the dough till they were ready and let them cool in the mold. 

In the meantime we chopped a lot of apples for the apple dessert and for the apple strudel. For the strudel stuffing we used:
- apples
- nuts
- raisins
- cinnamon
- cake crumbles
- sugar

According to the recipe we should end up with about 3400 grams of stuffing. I think we ended up with a bit more. I took the left over stuffing home and used it as topping for a cake so nothing would go to waste. 

For the apple dessert we did measure it all so we used:
- 600 gr very small cubed apples
- 115 gr sugar
- 115 gr apricot puree
- 10 gr quelli

We mixed the quelli with the sugar. I stir fried the apples with some butter till they were just cooked and added the apricot puree to it. Then the sugar mixture went in. Quelli is a brand name for a mixture that has a similar usage as gelatin or agar agar. The only difference is that quelli doesn't have to be cooked to bind the ingredients. 

We scooped the apple mixture in a sphere shaped silicon mold and pressed the cookie we backed earlier on top. While this was freezing in the freezer we stared to ensemble the strudel. 
We started with covering the table cloth with some flour. Then we putting the dough for the strudel in the middle and used a rolling pin to flatten it out a bit. Then the four of use each took a side of the table and gently stretched the dough out bit by bit with our hands only using our hands top up. When it was stretched enough we brushed the top with butter and piled up the stuffing. I wanted to have two little strudels instead of one big one so I made two piles. With the table cloth we slowly rolled the dough over the stuffing. Then we cut out the strudels and tucked in the ends. Now they were ready for baking. I didn't want to bake them yet so I took them home and put them in the freezer for a rainy day.
In the meantime the apple desserts were frozen enough to be taken out of the mold. There was some jelly already prepared and all we had to do was sprinkle some cinnamon on top and dip them into the jelly so a nice thin layer would keep the apple bits together. 
It was a big hit. Everyone loved the apple desserts. I just wish we could make more. As for the apple strudel, I don't think I would be making that again. It was a lot of effort of making the dough and as I like my strudel flaky I  prefer to use phyllo dough.

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