13 May 2015

Coconut versus Champagne "dessert"

I was very exited about this class and when I first saw the recipe I though it would be difficult to put it together. I guess it can be quite difficult if you have to do it by yourself, but this time we worked in a team of 5. Normally it would be 4, but we had one extra person. And also so parts of the dessert was pre-made for us so that made it easy also.

We splitted in two teams; one team started with making the batter for biscuit roulee and the other team started making the dough for the cookie bottom. We used the recipe for "bretonsdeeg":
- 150 gr butter
- 120 gr sugar
- 1,5 gr salt
- 20 gr egg
- 8 gr baking powder
- 1,5 gr oxygen powder
- 230 gr flour
oven temperature 175C

We put all the ingredients in a bowl and used the dough hook to mix it all together. When it comes together we rolled it out and used a cookie cutter to cut out the rounds we needed for our molds. Since this is quite a buttery dough and it has a rising agent we need to bake it in a mold otherwise it would not have the shape we needed. We baked the cookies till they were golden and let them cool in the mold.
As we still had some dough left, we made some fun cookies. 

The other part of the team made the biscuit roulee, which is basically a biscuit filled with jam and rolled up. The recipe was for two people, but since for this dessert we only needed a thin slice this recipe was enough for the five of us:
- 220 gr egg white
- 225 gr sugar
- 175 gr egg yolk
- 165 gr flour
- 10 gr custard
oven temperature 225C

First we started with beating the egg whites with the sugar till soft peaks. Then we beat the egg yolks till they were fluffy.  We folded the egg yolks into the egg whites and folded the flour and the custard in last. 
We thinly spread the batter on a baking sheet and baked it till it was done. After it cooled we spread some jam on the baked side and rolled it into a log. Then we wrapped it in some plastic and put it in the freezer. 
The coconut dessert had a coconut filling which was already made for us. The same goes for the champagne dessert, but instead of coconut it had an apricot filling. The recipe for the coconut filling is:
- 300 gr coconut puree
- 15 gr confipec
- 180 gr sugar
- 180 gr dried coconut

Instructions are quite simple. You cook the coconut puree and add the confipec with the sugar to it. This you bring to a boil for a bit and then add the dried coconut. After that you pip this mixture in a mold and put it in the freezer. When it's frozen you dip it in some chocolate.
For the apricot filling all you need is:
- 500 gr apricot puree
- 60 gr sugar
- 6 gr gelatin

Heat up the apricot and dissolve the sugar and gelatin in it. Then pour it into mold and freeze them. 

Since this was already done for us all we had to do now was to make the bavarois. Again we split the group so one could make the coconut bavarois and the other group the champagne bavarois. 
For the coconut bavarois we used:
- 430 gr coconut puree
- 6 gr lemon juice
- 14 gr gelatin powder (soaked in 70 gr water)
- 550 gr whipping cream
- 3-4 tablespoons of sugar (not in the recipe, but we like it sweet so we tweaked it)

We started with heating up the coconut puree. Then we heated the gelatin and added it to the coconut together with the lemon juice. Then we took it off the stove and waited till the mixture started to thicken up a bit. In the meantime we beat the whipping cream with some sugar till soft peaks. When the coconut mixture started to thicken, we folded that into the whipped cream. We piped it in the mold and let it freeze up in the bast freezer. As the bavarois continues to firm up we couldn't wait long. So after a few minutes we took the mold out and put the coconut filling in. Then we covered it with some more bavarois. Last we put the cookie on top and put the mold back in the freezer. 
For the champagne bavarois we use:
- 350 gr champagne
- 20 gr marc de champagne
- 35 gr custard powder
- 150 gr egg yolk
- 120 gr sugar
- 12 gr gelatin (soaked in 60 gr water)
- 500 gr whipping cream

We started with mixing the custard powder with a dash of champagne. Then we cooked the rest of the champagne and used the custard powder to bind it. This has to be cooked through for a bit. Then we added the gelatin. In the meantime we beat the egg yolks with the sugar till it was airy. Then we mixed in the hot custard and let it cool. Then we whipped the cream till soft peaks and folded the custard in. 

In the meantime we took the biscuit out of the freezer and sliced them as thin as possible. then with a cookie cutter we cut out the right size and put that into a mold. Then we piped in the champagne bavarois and put the apricot filling in. We covered it with a bit more bavarois and sealed it with a cookie. This mold also wend into the freezer. 
Two teams prepared the jelly for the finishing touch so when the bavarois were frozen enough we took them out of the mold and dipped it in the jelly. We also had time to make decorations so we could doll them up. 
Also since we had plenty of bavarois mixture left we piped them into some molds and froze them as well. Then we rolled them into some dried coconut and some crunchy nuts. 
So instead of 6 desserts we ended up with a bit more.

Next week no more cooking or baking, but wine and dessert tasting. 

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