13 May 2015

Baby boy 1st birthday cake

For my nephew's first birthday party I wanted to make something he could enjoy as well. I decided on making a two tier cake with one extra little cake for him only to enjoy. So for the adult cake I could go all out since he won't have any of it anyway.

For the baby cake (4 inch square baking tin) and the top tier (6 inch square baking tin) I used 1,5 times the biscuit recipe so;
- 300 gr eggs
- 150 gr sugar
- 150 gr flour
- pinch of salt
- lemon zest

This is enough to fill the two tins. 

For the bottom tier (8 inch square pan) I used the same recipe, but next time I would double the recipe to:
- 400 gr eggs
- 200 gr sugar
- 200 gr flour
- pinch of salt
- lemon zest

I think this would make the bottom tier higher. And maybe next time I will use even less flour, maybe the cake would be more moist.

For the butter cream I doubled the recipe and this was more then enough since I also used some for my maccarons. Part of it I kept plain for the baby boy and the other parts I divided it in two so I could make mint butter cream and blueberry butter cream. The mint butter cream would be used as a crumble coating. 

I baked the biscuit the day before to save time, but next time if possible I would bake it the same day. I think that might make a difference as well. 
I started with the baby cake first and cut the biscuit in three parts. On the first part I brushed some sugar water to keep the biscuit moist. Then I spread a layer of crème pâtissière and topped it with some blueberry jam. The second layer was the same. Then I crumble coated it with some butter cream. The cake had to be refrigerated before I could decorate it. 

Then I started with the bottom layer since this was the biggest. I also cut the biscuit in 3 parts and this time I sprinkled the biscuit with some mint liquer sugar water. Then I thinly spread some crème pâtissière added the blueberry jam and the blueberry butter cream. I did the same for the next layer. Then I crumble coated it with the mint liqueur butter cream and put it in the fridge.

For the second tier I had some mint butter cream left so I used part of it in the filling, but the rest was also similar to the bottom tier. 
As for the decorations I looked online for some inspiration, but ended up with my own design of the cake. The bottom tier was covered in white fondant and the second and baby cake in baby blue fondant. As I still had lots of blue and gray fondant I decided to go for a blue and gray color scheme. My nephew loves birds and ducks so birds in the blue sky and ducks on the bottom tier. I didn't really wanted to make clouds so I just made some white decorations, also to cover the not so nice parts up. With a letter cutter I cut out his name and with a number cutter a "1".
I started with covering all the biscuits with fondant, starting from big to small. Then for decorating I did the top tier first. As I wanted the baby cake to be similar to the top tier I started decoration this one after. Last I decorated the bottom tier. 

I'm very proud of the cake, but next time I will need to cover up the flaws a bit better. But the important part was that everyone loved the cake and I absolutely loved making it for my baby boy who is now a toddler. 

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