12 July 2015

Apple pie retro dessert

The assignment for the last day of this phase was to take an existing dessert, cookie, candy and make it something new out of it. People still have to recognize the original in the whatever idea we would come up with. Some people actually made something new, some only came up with an idea. 

Just inventing something is not as much fun as making it so I wanted to make something. I decided to use the ingredients of an apple pie and turn it into a dessert using the same ingredients.

I started with braking down the ingredients:
- apples
- cinnamon
- cookie
- optional raisins

I decided to go for a cinnamon bavarois topped with some apple confetti with a cookie hashtag. I didn't know how I would present it yet, but I would figure it out on the go.
First I had to make the dough for the hashtag cookies. I made a simple dough using 1 part sugar, 2 parts butter and 3 parts flour and one egg. I baked the cookies on 180C till they were golden.

Then I made the cinnamon bavarois and froze them in little molds.
In the meantime I sliced an apple and cut out little disks. The slices looked so cute I didn't want to through them away so I dried them in the oven so I could use them as decoration.

I baked the apple disks in some butter so they weren't "raw" anymore and added a bit of apricot jam.
Then I toasted some almond slivers and it was time to plate up. Since I had no idea I tried a couple of things.
First attempt was covering the cinnamon bavarois with some chocolate, add the almonds, place it on an apple and top it with the cookie.
It looked really nice except for the cookie. That one looked a bit out of place.
Then I tried it without the chocolate coating with different positions of the cookie.
I liked the first one the most so I worked with that. And the powdered sugar gave it an extra finishing touch. So there it is, my version of an apple pie.

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