26 July 2015

Molecular gastronomy

On this last day we got to experiment with all kinds of different powders. We started with a mini masterclass explaining what powder had what usage and how to use them.
I've always loved those pop in your mouth little juicy spheres so we decided to make them using a cantaloupe melon. First we had to clean the melon and make a puree which we had to strain to get a clear juice. To this we added some powdered sodium alginate and dripped it into a bowl filled with a cold solution of calcium chloride. After a couple of seconds we scooped the spheres out and rinsed them off in water. It was a lot of fun to make them, but it tasted really band. Next time I would add more flavor so it will be tastier. 
Then we decided to make egg on toast using some of the techniques that been shown to use. The egg white is made of whipped cream, but we wanted to make it with some coconut cream. The yolk is made with mango puree.

First we started with making the egg yolk. We mixed some mango puree with some gluco powder and to that we added a bit of xanthana powder. We dripped this mixture in a bath of water and alginate powder and rinsed it off with some water.
Then it was time for the egg whites.We heated the coconut cream with some sugar till about 70C. Then added some Kappa powder and cooked it on 70C for a little bit. With a spoon we scooped some coconut cream on a silicone mat and immediately added the egg yolks on top. Now that the eggs were ready we baked the slices of brioche bread with some sugar and cinnamon and placed the baked egg on top. Then we decorated it with some melon caviar. 
They looked so real! I would love to experiment more with different flavors and techniques. 

I can't believe we are already at the end of the school year. As I though this phase had 5 lessons as well I was a bit confused to hear that the week after we would start with our preparation of the end of the year competition! We had till Sunday to send in our list of ingredients so I was late. Luckily I got some extra time to send it in, so that was the first thing I did when I got home. Send out the list for the ingredients I needed for the stuff I would be making.

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