12 July 2015

Raspberry and chocolate dessert

Today we were making a raspberry bavarois with an interieur of raspberry cremeux and a cookie bottom and a chocolate mousse with a chocolate cremeux with a chocolate cake bottom. All things we made before except for the cremeux. 

We started with making the chocolate cremeux since we had to freeze it in a mold first before we could use it in our final product. For the cremeux we used:
- 240 gr milk
- 360 gr whipping cream
- 95 gr egg yolk
- 55 gr sugar
- 7 gr gelatin powder (soaked in 35 gr water)
- 75 gr cream cheese
- 180 gr melted dark chocolate

We started with cooking the milk and cream. In the meantime we mixed the egg yolks with the sugar. Slowly we incorporated the warm milk/cream mixture with the eggs and poured it back in the pot so we could cook it for a few minutes on 82C to bind the mixture. We heated up the gelatin so it liquefies and added that to the thickened mixture. Last we stirred in the cream cheese and the dark chocolate. We poured the cremeux in the molds and put them in the freezer. 

Then it was time for the raspberry cremeux. For this we used:
- 350 gr raspberry puree
- 120 gr egg yolk
- 120 gr sugar
- 5 gr gelatin (soaked in 25 gr water)
- 100 butter

We cooked the raspberry puree with half of the sugar. To this we added the gelatin which we heated up till it was liquid. The other half of the sugar was mixed with the egg yolk. We heated this egg mixture in a double boiler for about 5 minutes on 85C. Then we mixed in the butter and when that melted we added the raspberry puree. This cremeux also went into molds and in the freezer. 

As there were two different bottoms to make we each made one. I made the cookie bottom using the recipe for "bretonsdeeg". However I didn't exactly followed the recipe, but made a slight adjustment. I used:
- 150 gr butter
- 120 gr sugar (basterdsuiker)
- 1,5 gr sugar
- 20 gr egg (1 whole egg)
- 6 gr baking powder 
- 1,5 gr carbon dioxide powder 
- 200 gr flour
- 30 gr almond flour
oven temperature 180C

I mixed all the ingredients together, pressed the dough in a mold and baked it till it was golden brown. 

My partner made a chocolate biscuit using:
- 260 gr egg yolks
- 140 gr sugar
- 90 gr almond flour
- 60 gr flour
- 55 gr cocoa powder
- 260 gr egg whites
-140 gr sugar
- 70 gr butter
oven temperature 220C

First he mixed the egg yolks with 140 grams of sugar and the almonds. Then he whisked the egg whites with 140 grams of sugar till soft peeks. In the meantime he melted the butter and let that cool for a bit. He folded the egg yolks with the almond and sugar in the egg whites, sift the flour with the cocoa powder and mixed that in. Last he added the melted butter. He spread this mixture on a baking tray and baked it till the cake was done. After the cake cooled we used a cooking cutter to cut the shape we needed for our molds.

After the cake and cookie cooled it was time for the chocolate mousse. This mousse recipe is slightly different then what we used before. This time we used a creme patisiere, which was already prepared for us:
- 170 gr milk
- 170 gr creme patissiere
- 170 gr dark chocolate
- 8 gr gelatin (soaked in 40 gr water)
- 15 gr cocoa powder
- 400 gr whipping cream

We mixed half of the milk with the cocoa powder and the other half we brought to a boil. To this we added the chocolate, the creme patissiere and the cocoa mixture. We melted the gelatin and added this also. While this mixture cools we whisked the whipping cream till it has the same texture as yogurt. We slowly incorporate the chocolate mixture with the whipping cream, poured it in a piping bag and filled our molds halfway. Then we added the chocolate cremeux in the middle, covered it with some more chocolate mousse and covered it with a piece of chocolate biscuit. Then we put it back in the freezer so it would be easier for us to take it out of the mold and to dip it in a glaze. 

For the raspberry bavarois we used:
- 300 gr raspberry puree
- 7 gr gelatin (soaked in 35 gr water)
- 360 gr whipping cream

We melted the gelatin and added this to the raspberry puree. Then we whipped the whipping cream till it has a yogurt consistency and folded the puree in. We piped half of the bavarois in a mold added the raspberry cremeux and covered it with some more bavarois. We topped it with a cookie and placed it in the freezer. 

Since we had to wait for the desserts to freeze we had time to make some chocolate decorations. 

The glaze was pre-made for the whole class and I think it didn't went the way it should. 
When we dipped in our chocolate and raspberry desserts the glaze just dripped right off. At first we thought it was because the glaze was too hot, but if done right, it should stick on the dessert and give it a nice coating. 

Although the desserts didn't look the way they should, the flavor was good. However next time I would coat it in chocolate. I think that will look much better then this raspberry coating.

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