15 January 2015

Coffee bavarois cake and Brussels banket / paleis banket

Today we were shown a different way of making a bavarois cake. This time we didn't use a mold for the batter but we piped it directly on baking paper. The recipe for the cake batter was very similar to the biscuit recipe. 

We used:
- 150 gr eggs
- 100 gr sugar
- 45 gr shifted flour
- 35 gr flour + 10 gr cocoa powder shifted
oven temperature 220C

We started with heating the sugar and the eggs in a double boiler till about 40C. Then we mixed it on high speed till it was light and fluffy. The batter was then divided in two. In the first part we fold in the flour. In the second batter we fold in the flour and the cocoa.

Then we poured the batter in two piping bags and pipped the batter on a baking tray. The cake has to bake in the oven for about 8 minutes or till it bounces back on your touch.

After it comes out of the oven we immediately took it off the baking tray and turned it upside down on some baking paper covered with some sugar to cool.

We covered the bottom and the sides of a cake mold and I sprinkled it with some coffee liqueur. We even had enough cake to make 2 smaller ones.
I accidentally used the wrong side of the cake to cover the outside. 

This bavarois is a milk based bavarois and has a sightly different recipe:
- 9 gr gelatin powder + 45 gr water
- 25 gr egg yolk
- 75 gr sugar
- 300 ml milk
- 150 ml whipped whipping cream
- liqueur to taste

First we mixed the egg yolk with a bit of sugar and heated the rest of the sugar with the milk. When the milk was hot we add some to the egg, mixed it well and then poured it all back so it could cook on 80C for a few minutes. Then we added the gelatin and mixed it till it all dissolves. This is the time where we added some coffee liqueur to make it extra tasty. When the mixture thickens a bit we folded the whipped whipping cream in. Of course it was possible to mix in come crumbled cookies or fruit, but since the top layer would be coffee flavored only the coffee liqueur was enough for us.
We poured this mixture in our cake mold and put it in the fridge to set. After that we covered the top with a layer of coffee glaze.
We even had time to make almond cookies called Brussels banket and or paleis banket. I have to admit I have never heard of these cookies, but they were surprisingly easy to make. All we needed was:
- 250 gr almond paste
- 1 egg
- bigarreaux (preserved sweetened cherries)
- apricot jam
- wafer (ouwel papier)
- pink fondant
oven temperature 180C

We mixed the almond paste with the egg till the mixture was loose enough to pipe. Basically you can make them any shape, but typically they are round and have a cherry in the middle. Or they are rectangle with some pink fondant in the middle. 

Because they are very sticky we piped them on wafer. That's the white "paper" you see sticking from under the cookies.
We baked them till golden and after they come out of the oven we brushed them with some apricot jam to break through the sweetness a bit. And the rectangle cookies were covered with some pink fondant in the middle. I never had them before, but they were pretty addictive.

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