04 January 2015

Pate a decor

After a two week break it is finally time to share what I've learned in the first lesson of this new phase.
We were taught how to make this fancy bavarois cake. I remembered looking at those cakes in the store and thinking wow they look so fancy. Now I know it's only a mold they are using.

In class they had several molds to choose from and they were very expensive. I've been told they were as much as 60 euros each! But even without fancy molds you can make a fancy cake.

As the mold had to be filled with two different kinds of batter we started with the first layer. For this we needed:
- 50 gr powdered sugar
- 50 gr melted butter
- 50 gr egg white
- 50 gr flour
- few drops of food color

This recipe is so simple since all we did was put all the ingredients together till it was a smooth batter. This batter would be then poured in the molds and we made sure it filled all the cavities. Then the mold would go into the freezer till the batter is frozen enough for the second layer.

For the second layer we use:
- 56 gr sugar
- 56 gr almond flour
- 75 gr egg
- 50 gr egg white
- 12 gr flour
- 10 gr melted butter
- 7 gr sugar
200C oven temperature

First we had to whisk the 50 gram egg whites with the 7 gram sugar till they were fluffy. Then we mixed the sugar and almond flour together with the egg and mixed that with the butter and flour mixture. And this would then be folded in with the egg whites.
This would be then spread over the frozen first batter layer and then baked till golden.

After the cake has cooled we used a mold to cut out the bottom and we made sure the sides fits tightly. 

Then it was time to make the bavarois. For this we used:
- 9 gr gelatin powder
- some lemon juice to taste
- 150 ml fruit puree
- 100 ml sugar syrup
- 250 ml whipping cream

First we let the gelatin bloom in 45 gram water. Then we headed the fruit puree with the sugar syrup and the lemon juice till it almost boils. To this we added the gelatin and stirred it till all the gelatin dissolved. Then we whipped up some whipping till almost stiff.
When the fruit mixture is thicken a bit we mixed in the whipping cream and poured in in our mold. After the bavarois has set we took off the mold and we ended up with this fancy little treat.
I didn't wanted to make a fruit layer on top, but one of my class mates had some left so I used it to cover one of the cakes. 
The fruit puree we used just tasted awful on it's own, but in the bavarois it wasn't too bad. Personally I would've make it with some fresh fruit, frozen fruit or even fruit out of a can instead of the puree we used.

The end result wasn't as light and fluffy as I though it would be. It reminded me of a "kwarktaart" although it didn't had any "kwark" in it. 

I didn't had the chance to make this cake at home, but if I would I would make it slightly different so it's lighter and fluffier. But this is something for next time.

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