27 March 2015

Cocoa panting

In this new phase of the course we started with a visit of this old bakery all the way up in Medemblik. From the outside it looked like this small little shop, but once you are in they have plenty more room in the back. We had a little tour of the bakery and then headed upstairs for our course cocoa painting. 

The paintings were made on a piece of tragacanth. First we had to brush it with a thin layer of melted cocoa butter and after the butter dried we could get started. The cocoa powder would have to be mixed with some melted cocoa butter and then applied to the tragacanth. Just like painting with real paint, but if we would make a mistake it only takes a bit of scraping with a little knife to undo it.
We all had to bring a picture and because I didn't had one I borrowed a magazine from one of my class mates and coped the picture there on my tragacanth. 
It's not my best work because I don't really enjoy painting. I don't think I would be doing it again, but it was a nice once a life time experience. 

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