15 March 2015

Stenciling and painting fondant

I'm always exited to work on a real cake. This lesson was about using stencils, powdered color and making curtains and drapes. 
Stencils can be used in two ways; either with royal icing or with powdered color. If you use it with icing then all you need to do is put the stencil on your fondant and use a spatula or a scraper to spread the icing in the stencil. 
If you wish to use a powdered color then you need to put your stencil under your fondant, lightly move your fingers over the fondant so you kinda rub the fondant in the stencil. Then you turn the fondant around and use a paint brush to color the stencil. 
For making curtains all you need is some straws or chopsticks or anything that is round. You roll out the fondant, stick the straws under it, press it together and then get the straws out. 

The flowers were made using a silicon mold. Very fast, fun and effective. I used some blue colored powder to give them a bit more shine. 

I just loved the peacock feather stencil. I used it for the top of my cake and for the drapes and curtains.

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