27 March 2015

Sugar work

I was really exited about this course as I have never worked with sugar before. We stared with a recipe on how to make our own sugar at home. As I don't think I would be doing this at home I will not include the recipe. 

Then there were little containers with already colored isomalt. When isomalt cools it hardens so we had to chop it in little pieces and heat them up in the microwave to melt them to a point we could work with. We got the pre-warning that we should be happy if we ended up with something to bring home since it is incredibly difficult to work with isomalt. They were right. It is difficult to work with isomalt, but if you try you can always and up with something. And if it doesn't look like anything recognizable then you just call it art. 

It was fun to see the difference between the basic isomalt and the ones that were made shiny by incorporation little bit of air. Isomalt will get shiny when you fold and stretch it a couple of times. You can see the shine appearing in front of your eyes. 
I didn't had any idea of what to make but I wanted to try and make an orchid flower. Then we had these mold in class we could use so I poured some colored isomalt in there and wait till it hardens.
I ended up with a blister making this piece, but it was fun. Unfortunately this piece of art is very fragile so when I tried to put it in a box the whole thing broke. Luckily these pictures were already taken.

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