15 March 2015

Frilling fondant

Today we were practicing a new technique: frilling. Frilling is basically making ruffles using the bulp tool. For making ruffles you need fondant that can take some rough handling. So the basic fondant has to be mixed with some tylo powder to make a 50% mixture. For an 100% fondant mix I used 250 grams of fondant mixed with 4 gram of tylo powder. This can be mixed with 50% basis fondant to get an 50% mixture or you can take 250 grams of fondant and mix it with 2 grams of tylo powder. 
For the ruffles we used the garrett frill cutter. This is an oval cutter and if you open the oval up you will get some ruffles already but to make them extra pretty the bulp tool is used to thinner the edges and make it more wavy

This time we used a dummy cake for practicing the technique. We also baked a real cake for next weeks lesson. 
I stared with coloring the fondant and rolling it out big enough to cover the sides of the dummy cake. Then I used a mold to make a pretty pattern.
I also covered the top of the dummy and used a crimper to add the sides together. For the decoration on the top I used different molds to give it a nice effect. 

Then it was time to make ruffles. I always wanted to make an ombre cake. This is a cake with different shades of the same color. I stared with a dark blue ruffle and to the fondant I had left I add the same amount of white fondant. Then I made another ruffle and add the same amount of white fondant to the left over fondant. This went on for 5 times. The effect was very pretty, but the different shades were not that easy to see. So next time I would add two times white to one time color. 
I also made a curtain to cover the part where the fondant came together. As you can see I had no clue how to make a curtain yet.

I had lots of fun making this cake, but the ruffles takes a lot of time to make. 

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